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The Arrival pre-orders and beta access is now available!

Pre-orders for The Arrival are finally available! Order now and we will grant you beta access to the game today.

On official our launch day; March 26th, The Arrival will go on sale for $10.00.  We have such a great and supportive community, so as a big “thank you” for your dedication, we’ll be offering a 50% discount on all pre-orders. Pre-order and play for $5, or pay a little more to help support indie game development and gain access to special editions of The Arrival. Check out the special editions and rewards below!Reward Tiers $5 – Pre-order DiscountWe’ll give you a downloadable copy of the game on release, as well as access to our beta test today

$10 – Retail Price

Same as the pre-order discount, but you are feeling generous. Thank you!

$15 – Soundtrack Edition 

You get a downloadable copy of the game, access to the beta, and a downloadable copy of the game’s soundtrack on release day

$25 – Special Edition

We’ll send you everything listed above, plus 5 downloadable high resolution paintings from the game

$60 – Producer’s Edition

You get everything listed above, plus a very special thank you with your name listed in the game’s credits alongside the developers

Pre-orders will be available only through our website, and payment can be made with most major credit cards and PayPal.  We love to hear from you, so stay in touch! Follow our lead developer Alex on Twitter, @atintor88, and our official Facebook accounts: Blue Isle Studios and Slender: The Arrival. Happy gaming and get ready to experience the fear all over again!

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