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Can You Survive the Night?

We have some exciting news to share about a project we have been working on amidst the shadows. Today we launch Survive the Night, a premium mod for ARK: Survival Ascended in collaboration with our friends at CurseForge and Studio Wildcard. Survive The Night transforms the ARK gameplay you know and love into a thrilling and terrifying zombie horde survival experience. We hope all you ARK players enjoy the game and uncover the exciting new challenges waiting for you.


About the Mod…

Welcome to the Obsidian Isle; a dark and hostile world where survivors are thrust into a relentless battle for survival against hordes of horrific, zombie dinosaurs. Whether joining forces with others or braving the challenges alone, players must scavenge for resources, build fortifications and craft an arsenal of weapons and supplies to withstand the zombie threat.

Every fifth night the tension escalates with the arrival of a Blood Moon, summoning a relentless dinosaur horde. Adaptability and cooperation are paramount as players must work together to defend themselves. 

In this deadly environment, survival becomes the only objective. Only those with the skill, cunning and determination to endure can hope to conquer the challenges ahead. 

Do you have what it takes to survive the night?

Key Features

Obsidian Isle: Explore a picturesque tropical island. Start out on the black sand beaches and head inland, if you dare. The Obsidian Isles are a dark and treacherous landscape dotted with the abandoned remains of a scientific research project… gone horribly wrong. 

Zombie Dinosaurs: Something strange has happened to the dinosaurs that roam within. ARK dinosaurs have been replaced with horrifying, blood thirsty variants with all-new behaviors. During the day, the zombies are docile. Be weary when night falls; their eyes glow red and they become aggressive, blood thirsty hunters.

Blood Moon Horde: Every fifth night, the sky turns red and the Blood Moon begins. This is an ultimate test of survival and skills. Brace yourself for a relentless zombie onslaught that doesn’t end until the sun comes up. 

The Stalker: A deadly new creature, ‘The Stalker’ has taken up residence on the island. The Stalker appears rarely, and usually from afar. It has been known to ensnare its victims when close. Stay vigilant out there.  

Loot Boxes & Airdrops: While harvesting and crafting are viable paths to survival, you will want to head inland and explore the darkened remains of a strange research facility. Scavenge loot boxes for valuable supplies to help you survive.  

Survivor Score: Each player has a Survivor Score; this determines the quality of loot you will find, and the difficulty of the Blood Moon hordes you will fight. The Survivor Score dynamically updates as you play, maintaining a balanced gameplay experience as you progress. 

Where to Play?

For those brave enough to embark on this journey, you’re able to play Survive the Night directly in ARK: Survival Ascended! Navigate to the ‘Mods’ selection and search ‘Survive the Night’ and download and enjoy! 

This is a premium mod for ARK: Survival Ascended available for $9.99.


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