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The Arrival Beta Update

We’ve just released the first patch for our beta test! This patch will help improve performance issues, and will be installed the next time you load up your game (as long as you have an internet connection.)


  1. Motion blur now has a  ‘Low’ setting and can be turned off entirely

  2. Turning off shadows has additional performance improvements added

  3. Added a “Shader Quality” setting to the graphics menu

  4. Fixed a bug which caused Slender’s distortion to create a black square around him


  1. The player now loses sanity when partially obscured behind landmarks

  2. Fixed a bug where pressing the flashlight button continuously would invert the on-off functionality

  3. Fixed a bug where bringing out your flashlight while zoomed would not have the hand in the correct position

  4. Added an ability to cancel “Waiting for Updates” via the Esc key

  5. Toned down the camera shake in more extreme situations

  6. Increased the volume of the initial page 1 music

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