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Slender: The Arrival Patch 2 has been released

Patch 2 Release Notes

We have just released patch #2 for Slender: The Arrival. This patch includes a number of bug fixes, take a look below. Your game will be automatically updated the next time you launch, providing you are connected to the internet. Happy gaming!

  1. Fixed a problem where collision was missing on some spots on the elevator causing the player to fall through the level

  2. Fixed a problem with the elevator where crouching could cause the player to fall through the level

  3. Fixed a problem where the chaser could attack the player vertically

  4. Fixed a problem on Mac where pages would occasionally not disappear after being clicked

  5. Fixed an issue where SM would clip into the brick walls on Flashback

  6. Added support to doors for mice with low sensitivity

  7. Added version information to the bottom right corner of the game menu

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