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Slender: The Arrival now officially supports the Oculus Rift!

To learn more about the Oculus Rift, visit their website, and follow them on twitter !


For the full patch release notes, check below.

  1. Added Beta Oculus Rift support. This can be toggled from the graphics menu. We suggest calibrating drift with the oculus SDK before playing

  2. Added Controller support (controller must be connected before game is launched)

  3. Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause a crash when loading the first level

  4. Optimized and reduced the size of the final game build

  5. Radically optimized trees and terrain performance

  6. Fixed a bug where the highlighting system would consume a lot of resources drawing unnecessary objects

  7. Shadows now cost dramatically less

  8. Game resolution and control bindings are now set in a pre-game launch menu. This is to prevent players from choosing a resolution that doesn’t work with their screen (rare) and having easy way to reset it.

  9. Flashlight comes on in some dark locations automatically

  10. Fixed an issue where the game would not be able to connect to the license server

  11. Fixed an issue where easy mode was sometimes not properly toggling in the forest

  12. Fixed an issue which would cause SM to occasionally instantly kill the player.

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