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Slender Man Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

For the past few days, we’ve been checking out all of your great Slender Man Halloween costumes for our contest, and we were blown away by all the entries! Since we loved all of your costumes, all those who entered are going to win a Slender: The Arrival Steam key! Amazing job guys. Take a look at all the awesome and creepy Slender Man costumes below.Keith Shively

Alex Adams

Travis James Steichen


Hayden Reed

Harry Mellor

Tyler Russell

Nathan Crane

Corey Lucero

Carson Beck

Loll Levenick

Milos Markecivic

Devon Payne

Brandyn Masiello

Ian Conlee

Michael Collins

Tyler Simmons

Adam Leonhardt

Wyatt Hunt

 Milo Jenkins

Adam Stubitsch

Richard Bentley

Sparkaz Ashigaruyari

Paul Boehner

Kenley Brust

Daniel Smith

Tim Leung

Chris Brekke 

Amos Padron

Sven Grebenar

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