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Producer’s Edition now limited time only – ending Saturday, March 2nd

Due to a greater than expected demand for the Producer’s Edition of The Arrival, we have decided to make it a limited time offer which now ends Saturday, March 2nd. We originally thought up the Producer’s Edition as a very special reward tier for select fans, what we didn’t anticipate is how many of you would purchase that reward tier. You guys have far exceeded our expectations and we can’t thank you enough. We’d like the Producer’s Edition to still retain some measure of exclusivity for those who have already purchased and this means we need to limit its run.

If you have already purchased the Producer’s Edition; thank you so much for your support – nothing changes for you, you’ll receive all of your bonuses as expected. For those of you who haven’t yet bought the Producer’s Edition but would like to, you’ll have until Saturday, March 2nd to grab your copy. After this date, the Producer’s Edition option will be removed from our website; it can no longer be purchased.

We have heard you all loud and clear and your support for the work we are doing at Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions means a whole lot to us. Once again, thank you. We hope you are still enjoying the beta test and we can’t wait to show you the full game.

– Your very humbled game designers

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