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Patch 3 released! The Eight Pages returns…

Patch #3 has just been released for Slender: The Arrival! Take a look below for the release notes, and don’t forget to checkout the updated version of the original game now included.

  1. Added a renovated version of Slender: The Eight Pages to the scene selection menu

  2. Added an ‘Easy’ difficulty to the game in order to aid players struggling to progress

  3. Key Features:

  4.      Level ‘Into the Abyss’: Chaser cannot kill you, only slow you down

  5.      Will proceed in the level ‘The Eight Pages’ even if player has only acquired 6 pages

  6. Added text notifying players about the ability to focus the flashlight

  7. Fixed a bug where ‘Into the Abyss’ was not always properly indicating completion

  8. Fixed a bug where the ‘Q’ key was not able to bind correctly

  9. Fixed a bug where the player could escape the level ‘Into the Abyss’

  10. Fixed a bug where the gamma slider would not always properly report gamma

  11. Fixed a problem where bottoms of tees could be seen in the level ‘The Arrival’

  12. Improved performance when not drawing shadows

  13. Reduced the occurrences where SM can be caught floating

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