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Hiring VFX Artist

Blue Isle Studios is looking for a candidate with extensive experience in art workflows from shipping one or more successful AAA console or PC game titles. Our ideal candidate is someone passionate about bridging the gap between two very different disciplines and seeing it all brought together into one cohesive end-product. 

This is a full-time contract, remote position (minimum 3 months).


  1. Creation of handcrafted visual effects to be used in real-time game assets

  2. Technical setup and integration of VFX in-engine

  3. Technical setup and integration of animations and blendtrees in-engine

  4. Work with programming staff to integrate code-heavy artistic assets such as player models, weapons and and abilities


  1. Experience working with Unreal Engine 4

  2. Shipped at least one title using any version of Unreal

  3. Experience in 3DSMax, Maya and integration of assets in Unreal 4

  4. Strong experience with Cascade, Niagara and Persona

  5. Experience with Blueprints in Unreal Engine

  6. Strong communication skills with both artists and programmers

  7. Minimum 3 years working in game development


  1. C++ coding experience

  2. Experience working on multiplayer games

  3. Computer science or related degree

Please contact us at with samples of your work, cover letter and resume. We look forward to hearing from you!

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