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Halloween Steam Key Giveaway!

Today we launch our Halloween Steam Key Giveaway contest! Here’s how it works – you send me, Daniella, your own Slender: The Arrival or Blue Isle Studios related art, Photoshop’s, and in-game screenshots by Tuesday, October 29th, and a few winners will be announced on Halloween (Oct. 31st). Each winner will be awarded with a free Steam key to the game, and the submissions will be featured on our official Facebook, Twitter, and website! A few quick rules:

  1. Each submission must have your name, or codename you’d like to appear as.

  2. The title of the art piece.

  3. Your city (if you wish to include it)

All entries can be emailed to, and I promise to look at each one!  I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store. Good luck to all! Cheers, Daniella

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