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Halloween in Oakside


Residents of Oakside Area are reporting strange markings that seem to have mysteriously appeared overnight. Jack Bennett, an Oakside resident of 15 years reports his experience from a late October evening:

“The fog was rolling in, and the moon peaked through the clouds lighting the path. I was out for a late night walk in the woods. I could hear leaves crunching under someone’s footsteps. I quickened my pace. I felt someone watching me. I saw someone- a dark figure in the corner of my eye. In my panic I started sprinting back towards my house, but my toe caught a root and I fell to the ground. When I looked up, I noticed markings on a brick wall.”

Further reports suggest there are 9 hidden markings, and rumors among residents are that they create a harrowing message. Authorities hope to locate all of them.

If you want to help the townspeople, you’ll need to send screenshots of all 9 markings, along with the secret message to by Saturday, Nov. 1.

There will be a draw on Monday, Nov. 3 for all correct entries. Three lucky winners will receive $50 Steam gift cards, and one winner will snag a $100 Steam gift card.

Good luck!

Blue Isle Studios


Patch Notes:

  1. Fixed a bug where Slender Man wouldn’t appear again in genesis if you beat it once

  2. Improved character model and texture quality

  3. Improved terrain detail on ‘good’ and ‘best’ settings in the ‘Into the Abyss’ level

  4. Fixed a bug where the steam overlay would cause the pause menu to move

  5. Fixed a bug where the run key would reset mouse sensitivity

  6. Fixed a bug where the volume slider reacted poorly to controllers in-game

  7. Increased the resolution of several game textures

  8. Improved performance in ‘The Eight Pages’ on ‘good’ and ‘best’ settings

  9. Fixed a bug where occasionally the ‘Walking Simulator’ achievement would not unlock

  10. Improved performance in ‘Flashback’ and ‘The Arrival’ on ‘good’ and ‘best’ settings

  11. Fixed a bug in ‘Homestead’ that allowed the player to bypass parts of the level

  12. Fixed collision issues with ‘Homestead’

  13. Added small amounts of lighting to interiors in ‘Homestead’

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