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Free DLC, Mac version, and Soundtrack!

Hey everyone, we’ve got a bunch of great news to share. Check below for the full scoop.


Slender: The Arrival received a bunch of brand new content and levels for the recently released console versions. As a special thank you, we wanted to give you this new DLC entirely for free on your Steam versions of the game. The new update will be hitting Steam on October 15th!


For our Mac users, we have some long awaited good news. On October 15, Slender: The Arrival on Steam will officially support Mac OS X! Those who bought Slender: The Arrival before it was available on Steam will not need to re-purchase. You can activate S:TA on Steam by using your original license key, just be sure to remove the dashes. All Steam content and DLC will be available to you for free as well.


Lastly, by popular demand, we will be launching the Slender: The Arrival soundtrack on Steam. The soundtrack will feature all 15 pieces of in game music composed by Mark Hadley and arranged by Brenden Frank. The soundtrack launches on October 15th.

Thank you everyone for your support and happy gaming!


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