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Coming to Consoles Citadel: The Godking’s Vengeance

The ground trembles as the sky lights up, the Godking statue to the north glows brighter. Change is occurring in the world of Ignus and a hero must be summoned…

We are excited to announce Citadel: The Godking’s Vengeance, a massive free update coming to Citadel on early to mid March on consoles!

Help Gembok, one of the last living Priests of Neshan as he investigates sudden and mysterious changes throughout the land. Step into the world, unravel deep mysteries and meet legends of Ignus who have devoted their lives to solving ancient mysteries.

The Godking’s Vengeance is part one of two huge expansions coming to the base Citadel game. In this update, players can choose to embark on a hero’s journey spanning the entire game, with quests and storylines starting at level one, all the way through to level sixty.

Part two of this update will launch later this year and feature the epic conclusion to our story along with new features, structures and new deadly creatures throughout the world.

Quest Preview: Meet Stavro, you’ll quickly learn he’s got quite an appetite.

Check out the complete features list below to see what’s coming next week:

New Quests System

All new robust quest and narrative system, guiding players from very early to late game including:

  1. Brand new FTUE overhaul

  2. Main quest and storyline

  3. Tons of narrative based side quests

Quest Journal

The quest system has been improved to provide a more immersive and enjoyable experience using cleaner UX and UI presentation, more interesting quest giver interactions and an intuitive journal system to help you track quests and overall progress.

Event Log

The Event Log notifies players of important events such as raids that have occurred, if their creatures were attacked or killed, and much more. The log is designed to help players better understand what has happened in the world.

Item Dyes System

Craft or collect dozens of colored dyes and apply them to your clothing, armor and weapons. Customize your items and personalize them to your liking.

Creature Dyes System

Add color to your tamed creatures as you see fit.

Quest Preview: Feltrie’s affinity for luxury is derived from her ancestry.

Time of Day Raid Protection

For PvP servers only; raiding is now time locked between the hours of 6PM and 11PM on weekdays, and 11AM to 11PM on weekends. Your siege equipped spells will no longer deal damage to structures outside of these hours.

Raiding Rebalance

Citadel’s spell-based siege system relies on two important variables: spell damage and siege energy, or more simply, the amount of casts the player can perform before the spell runs out. AOE siege spells have had a reduction in siege energy to better consider the fact that they deal damage over an area.

Creature Loot Generation

Tamed creatures will now passively generate contextually-relevant items in their inventories for their owners to loot. This happens automatically as long as the creature remains tamed.

Structure Counter

The Structure Counter is a convenience feature to let players know if they can, or cannot build any additional structures in their current region.

Tons of Exploit Fixes

Several exploitable areas of the terrain have received blocking or no-build zones to prevent players from abusing these regions. In addition, some players have reported various gameplay exploits which have now been fixed.


We have also included all the 02/13/2020 – QOL Improvements & Bug Fixes patch. There are a lot of fixes and updates but rest assured things are getting better! As always, thanks to our community for your continued support and feedback! Keep the comments rolling in and make sure to take a look at the notes below to see what’s been updated today:

New Additions

  1. Siege turrets now do 5x damage to shields specifically, and can be buffed by raider’s stones, for up to 25x damage to shields

  2. Structures now visually report damage for added siege clarity

Gameplay Tweaks

  1. Minor adjustments to boss caves to prevent unintended behaviors

  2. Reduced raider stone activation time from 6 hours to 4 hours due to popular demand

  3. Reduced “hasty hare” sprint multiplier due to popular demand, should also spawn more reliably

  4. Slightly increased no-build volume outside Crystal Caves to curb griefing “hasty hare” spawn

  5. Tuned healing spells to compensate for removal of PvP multiplier (they should be more effective overall)

  6. Minor tweaks to some item rarities

  7. Grounded the flying large dragon in Dragon Heart Citadel due to a bug with its aerial flight path

Aesthetic Changes

  1. Better particle cull settings to improve performance in some persistent world objects

  2. Better particle cull settings on creatures to improve performance

  3. Fixed a bug with dye-able regions on boss gear

  4. Tightened mana generator collision profile

  5. Optimized imp smoke spell

  6. Cave entrance FX for amethyst geodes to lessen light leaking through at distance

  7. Adjustments made to horse scale to prevent dismounting issues

  8. Tightened imp death offset to reduce floating amount

  9. Fixed a cave trigger volume that provided strange skylight effects

  10. Improved reliability of imp invisibility spell

  11. Increased raider’s stone and shield draw distances

Technical Fixes

  1. Fixed issue with player collision size

  2. Disabled stealth spell in boss caves

  3. Fixed sanctuary spell

  4. Fixed an inadvertant issue where PvP multiplier was being applied to healing spells

  5. Healing pools and shields now function correctly, especially on highly-populated servers

  6. Fixed attack-based structure cooldown to eliminate false-positives

  7. Fixed issue with non-English knowledge menus cutting off content

  8. Fixed issues with 5:4 scaling in menu UI

  9. Fixed bug that modified player flight speed after dyeing flight trinket

  10. Improved NPC reporting when killed

  11. Improved accuracy of NPC/turret/misc perceptions

  12. Fixed greyscale dye display issues

  13. Fixed “speak to” quest issues

  14. Structure ownership is better resolved

  15. Fixed siege turret projectiles not detonating

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