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Citadel’s Godking’s Vengeance Update for PS4 and Xbox One is finally here!

The ground trembles as the sky lights up, the Godking statue to the north glows brighter. Change is occurring in the world of Ignus and a hero must be summoned…

We are excited to announce Citadel: The Godking’s Vengeance, a massive free, quest-focused update is finally here!

The Godking’s Vengeance is part one of two huge expansions coming to the base Citadel game. In this update, players can choose to embark on a hero’s journey spanning the entire game, with quests and storylines starting at level one, all the way through to level sixty.

Part two of this update will launch later this year and feature the epic conclusion to our story along with new features, structures and new deadly creatures throughout the world.

We wrote all about what to expect with this update a few weeks ago. Check out our detailed notes below if you want to read about everthing that’s been included with this update:

New Additions:

  1. Quest-based story lines to help guide players from early to late game

  2. Creature loot generation: tamed pets now generate contextually-relevant items automatically over time

  3. Brand new FTUE quests

  4. Added dyes system for clothing

  5. Added dye system for creatures

  6. Added some new general side quests

  7. Raid time-of-day protection as server options

  8. Added haste as second spell for mounted horses

  9. Siege turrets now do 5x damage to shields specifically, and can be buffed by raider’s stones, for up to 25x damage to shields

  10. Structures now visually report damage for added siege clarity

Gameplay Improvements:

  1. Siege turrets now do more damage, and will take out a marble wall in 5 hours

  2. Siege energy nerf to 4 spells: concentrated storm, blizzard, geyser, and arcane storm

  3. Healing spell adjustments: healing aura now provides buff-based healing, nature beam tracks allies, adjusted healing projectile for better use and provides a small buff

  4. Adjustment made to nexus stone recipe

  5. Added a chance of milk to protein transmuter

  6. Dropped natural resource respawn time for most resources by roughly 50%

  7. New flight trinket weights in a hierarchy

  8. Doubled third tier turret power and upgrade costs

  9. Increased projectile speeds of arcane, fire, light and ice spells

  10. Slower speed for storm projectile spell for more damage

  11. Increased critical chance, critical damage, and speed for dark projectile

  12. Reduced refined cloth costs for rugs and paintings

  13. Fixed concentrated storm spell blocking NPC movement and projectiles

  14. Improvements to giant eagle combat including spells and tornado balance

  15. Adjustments made to cooking recipe rarities

  16. Adjustment made to crowberry wine recipe

  17. Reduced rare material requirements to some high level gear and flight trinket recipes

  18. Tripled barkskin base armour amount, halving the percent armour increase

  19. Dropped the maximum value of the top 4 leech ingredients by 1% each

  20. Loot adjustments made for Tefra

  21. Adjustments to Tefra’s social relation to curb fighting other creatures in cave

  22. Doubled HP for NPCs in Phoenix Spirit boss cave

  23. Reduced tornado cast time by Phoenix bosses by 25%

  24. Increased most boss NPC walking movement speeds

  25. Various buffs to NPC HP in Blood Soul and Dragon Heart boss caves

  26. Buffed boss-only gear quality

  27. Increased NPC HP for creatures over level 40

  28. Slight reduction in blizzard spell radius

  29. Tightened RNG damage range of arcane storm and blast, they will likely provide a bit less damage but be far more consistent

  30. Fixed an issue where the player could struggle to unmount small boars

  31. Increased phoenix rising mana cost and increased charge consumption

  32. Adjustments made to world chest-spawned non-boss weapon recipes

  33. Adjustments made to mystical conjurer item generation to reduce the best gear drops by about 25%

  34. Minor adjustments to flight trinket KP requirements

  35. Slightly increased unicorn blood drops on the creatures

  36. Raider stone activation time now 4 hours due to popular demand

  37. Reduced “hasty hare” sprint multiplier due to popular demand, should also spawn more reliably

  38. Slightly increased to no-build volume outside Crystal Caves to curb griefing “hasty hare” spawn

  39. Tuned healing spells to compensate for removal of PvP multiplier (they should be more effective overall)

  40. Minor tweaks to some item rarities

  41. Grounding the flying large dragon in Dragon Heart Citadel due to a bug with its aerial flight path

Aesthetic Changes:

  1. Trajectory preview for siege turret projectile (toggled using the build menu, similar to mana generator radius)

  2. Fix for two unattenuated imp sounds

  3. Fix for an unattenuated sound on the condemn spell

  4. More appropriate descriptions for dark bolt and phoenix spirit shard

  5. New collision radii for matured and dead plants to allow easier plot selection for harvest-all

  6. Fixed large dead material for planted buffalo felt

  7. Swapped spell categories for concentrated storm and lightning strike spells

  8. Adjusted distance fade on natural marble material

  9. Improved mesh collision for turrets to reduce occurrence of them firing and hitting themselves

  10. Fixed invisible camp fire at Athol Bor entrance

  11. Fixed water volume at NW tundra demon camp

  12. Fixed acid pool edges at a pool in the plains

  13. Extracted meshes no longer disappear then reappear for the dissolve effect

  14. Minor adjustments to some world creature spawner locations

  15. Fixed griefable hole in volcano

  16. Adjustment to stormrender visuals to prevent performance degradation

  17. Adjustments to sinkat’s death hands and stormrender materials

  18. Fixed cave sprite that dropped skeleton loot

  19. Fixed a griefable hole in lagoon, plus blocking volumes and no-builds as this area was very griefable. Current structures will remain, but new ones cannot be built.

  20. No-builds added in the fatigue volumes to prevent griefing

  21. Adjustments made to boss cave loot drops

  22. Set dressing for all questgivers

  23. Fixed a typo in a loading screen tip

  24. Better alignment between melee weapon swings and effects

  25. Reduced frequency of phoenix and infernal dragon sounds

  26. Improvements made to cave entrance/exit effects

  27. Better particle cull settings to improve performance in some persistent world objects

  28. Better particle cull settings on creatures to improve performance

  29. Fixed a bug with dyeable regions on boss gear

  30. Tighter mana generator collision profile

  31. Optimization for imp smoke spell

  32. Cave entrance FX for amethyst geodes to lessen light leaking through at distance

  33. Adjustments to horse scale to prevent dismounting issues

  34. Tighter imp death offset to reduce floating amount

  35. Fixed cave trigger volume that provided strange skylight effects

  36. Improved reliability of imp invisibility spell

  37. Increased raider’s stone and shield draw distances

Technical Fixes:

  1. Blinking in rocks should now be virtually impossible

  2. Improved farming controls

  3. Greatly improved dedicated server save performance

  4. Applied boosts to players attempting boss crypts in single player mode

  5. Added the ability to name storage chests, and view name on interaction

  6. Added the ability to rename tamed creatures

  7. Added regional and world structure counts in build menu

  8. Fixed item duplication issue that could occur while saving

  9. General server performance improvements

  10. Fixed a number of cheating security holes

  11. Turret radius has been doubled, turrets also use prediction to aim at moving targets

  12. Removed skinned mesh component warnings, causing log files to inflate

  13. Added a quest journal and event log tab

  14. Fixed an issue where NPCs falling out of the world could crash the server

  15. Pounce no longer changes your movement mode after using it unless flying

  16. Pounce does thick traces to avoid going through things it shouldn’t

  17. Throne placement is on cooldown after placing once

  18. Players are unable to build in their structure while it is under attack, cooldown is 30 seconds

  19. Fixed an issue where structure raid notifications were shown when a house member healed the structure

  20. The storage panel remains sorted after sorting it

  21. Fixed an issue where the eagle’s tornado would not affect other creatures

  22. Refactored a number of structure pieces to no longer generate overlaps and save on physx performance

  23. Frost shield now reduces mana when taking damage

  24. Pounce now works as expected while crouched

  25. Fixed chat sometimes bunching up on the left side rather than taking the entire horizontal space. This would occur when resizing the window

  26. Bloodlust and barkskin are no longer allowed at the same time, the player must choose one

  27. Nerfed XP given when players are killed to account for power leveling attempts

  28. Fixed treasure achievements not counting on single player

  29. Fixed an issue where the player would lose controls if they log in while inside a cave

  30. Players under 30 no longer receive bleed damage from high level players

  31. Fixed issues where mid level and high level shield debuffs would apply a on a player, stacking their effect

  32. Added red quest markers to show that the particular quest is a “main story” quest

  33. Magic structures no longer gib when flying away and towards them

  34. Blink tests for a wider area, preventing the player from jumping through cracks

  35. Fixed an issue where players could log in and their tames would be invisible

  36. Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t take damage from defense towers while sitting in health or mana pools

  37. Fixed issue with player collision size

  38. Disabled stealth spell in boss caves

  39. Fixed sanctuary spell

  40. Fixed an inadvertent issue where PvP multiplier was being applied to healing spells

  41. Healing pools and shields now function correctly, especially on highly-populated servers

  42. Fixed attack-based structure cooldown to eliminate false-positives

  43. Fixed issue with non-English knowledge menus cutting off content

  44. Fixed issues with 5:4 scaling in menu UI

  45. Fixed bug that modified player flight speed after dyeing flight trinket

  46. Improved NPC reporting when killed

  47. Improved accuracy of NPC/turret/misc perceptions

  48. Fixed “speak to” quest issues

  49. Structure ownership is better resolved

  50. Fixed siege turret projectiles not detonating

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