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Blue Isle Studios + Midnight City = GOOD TIMES!

We met up with the Midnight City crew during last month’s PAX convention  in Seattle and had one crazy, amazing week. We joined the group on the Midnight City limo/game demo bus, where we had a blast featuring Slender: The Arrival to all kinds of press and media.

After that, we headed off to the Midnight City launch party where we showed off the game on our brand new Oculus Rift and met some awesome and passionate people. Slender: The Arrival on the Oculus Rift was a huge hit, and we’ll be releasing the official Slender + Oculus update ASAP!

In the meantime, check out some more of the pictures from PAX below!


For more information on Midnight City, take a look at their official press release right here. Check out the launch trailer on YouTube!

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