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Blue Isle Studios has found a new home!

This past week, Brenden and Garett moved all the way across Canada from Edmonton to Toronto. They moved here to join Alex and his sister Dani, so the Blue Isle team is now working under one roof! It was a big move for the both of them, but we’ve set up shop in the basement of a nice riverside home and it’s been an exciting (but busy) few days for all of us.

The move itself was hectic and a little exhausting. It involved lots of Ikea trips, furniture building, and U-hauling a ton of stuff. And to top it off, we had lots of fun dealing with a big Toronto ice storm – not the most ideal conditions for moving into a brand new office!

After the furniture was all set up, it was time to move onto the last and most important part – computers! Brenden ordered and set up all of our computers, which was a huge help for us. A big thank you goes out to Brenden for getting our systems all ready to go.

…and before we leave, meet Sam! He’s our official Blue Isle Mascot, and he’s very pleased to get to know all of you 🙂

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