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Blue Isle Studios is looking for an exceptionally skilled environment artist to join our team. Your focus will be to create large scale, immersive environments and atmospheres for players while remaining conscious of polygon limits, draw calls and fill rate. Your skills and responsibilities will include modelling, texturing, lighting, optimization and level design while reporting to the art lead. You must have the creative sense to sometimes work with little or no concept art, prototype and gather reference material for your designs.

This is a full-time, remote position.


  1. Work with the creative lead to deliver art assets by assigned due dates

  2. Design and implement artwork directly within Unreal Engine

  3. Optimize, combine and atlas textures and meshes to ensure good performance

  4. Use Unreal Engine 5 terrain tools to assemble large scale terrains


  1. A minimum of 2 years experience creating fully realized 3D environments

  2. Strong foundation in ZBrush/Mudbox, Quixel/Substance Painter and Photoshop

  3. A thorough understanding of 3D Studio Max and/or Maya

  4. Experience using the Unreal Engine 5 material editor and authoring materials

  5. Experience creating Physically Based textures and materials

  6. Experience creating assets in Unreal Engine 5 as well as importing and managing assets

  7. Able to design and light interior/exterior spaces within Unreal Engine

  8. Experience with optimization techniques such as mesh merging and creation of texture atlases to reduce draw calls

  9. A good understanding of what’s needed to set dress an environment

  10. Self-motivation, good communications skills, and a great team-player attitude


  1. A degree or formal art training in illustration, traditional painting or industrial design

  2. Experience working with Unity Engine and its art pipeline

  3. Experience using World Machine

Please contact us at with samples of your work, cover letter and resume. We look forward to hearing from you!

* Please note that due to the volume of submissions we will not be able to directly respond to everyone *

About The Studio: Blue Isle Studios is an independent video game developer and publisher located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. Lead by industry veterans Alex Tintor and Brenden Frank, Blue Isle has established itself as one of gaming's most exciting developers, creating iconic experiences that have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Slender Man is back and we have just launched our next major update. Take a look at all of the details below.

Key Features

Complete Visual Overhaul

Every shadow, every material, every model and hair raising encounter with the mysterious Slender Man is rerendered in stunning detail.

Multiple Language Support

We have redesigned pickups, readables and newly added subtitles ensure the horror can be experienced for the first time in multiple languages including: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese.

Play the Original

Swap between the original versions and the new update by switching branches on your Steam client, enjoy the original graphics, or experience the horror in all new detail. Learn how to swap between versions here.

Check out Slender: The Arrival's new launch trailer below!

Brand New Chapter

Those of you willing to brave the darkness will find a brand new chapter waiting for you. In the game’s new chapter; Nightmare, we follow Charlie Matheson’s father as he descends ever deeper into madness.

Future Development - 2024 Roadmap

In case you missed our previous post, we’ll share all of it again. The world of Slender: The Arrival is expanding and we are excited to announce the following new content is in development. We don’t have a firm release date for this yet, but we are targeting Q2 of 2024 for the release.

Multiplayer is Coming - Face The Darkness Together

The darkness is relentless, and now you don’t have to face it alone. We’re excited to introduce a brand new way to play; a cooperative multiplayer mode. Team up with friends, look for clues and get out alive… assuming you all work together.

For the first time ever, you can team up with others to investigate the mythos of Slender Man as you attempt to run, hide, or even fight back if you dare.

The Story Continues - Brand New Chapters

We are hard at work on a brand new DLC expansion containing three all-new chapters. The story of Slender: The Arrival is not done yet, with new regions to explore, characters to meet and horrors to survive.

Cross-Platform Mod Kit - Create Your Own Nightmares

In partnership with CurseForge for Studios and our friends at Overwolf, we are proud to announce the Slender: The Arrival Creators Mod Kit.

Create your own scenarios and distribute them across every platform; PC, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X/S. Players can create single player experiences, or, leverage the brand new multiplayer mode to create online scenarios. The editor we ship will be very similar to the one used to develop the 10th Anniversary Update, giving you access to all of the same tools, AI, environment art, sound effects and everything used by our designers.

Contribute new stories and experiences to the mythos and share your nightmarish creations with players all around the world.

Steam Sale

For anyone who has yet to grab their own copy of Slender: The Arrival, please be aware that we will have a Steam sale starting today at 1PM EST today, Wednesday October 18th. Please keep that in mind if you wish to pick up a copy for you or a friend.

This brings us to the end of today’s announcement, we hope you all enjoy the latest update to Slender: The Arrival. Be sure to follow our social below to keep up with all of the latest and greatest announcements.

Have fun and enjoy the scares! We’ll be watching…

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